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Our work complies with current ISO advisory and consulting standards and we have a track record of assisting our clients in the planning and delivery of a range of community and tourism facilites that have proven sustainable over decades.


We listen to our clients wants and needs and we are continually learning and growing to ensure our processes and practices are delivering the best possible results in a rapidly changing environment.


When it’s all said and done, nurturing your team’s talent, creativity and passion for improved organisational performance and lasting outcomes is what we do.

The PSW Planning Model takes an evidence-based approach to determining the best strategy for attainment of goals – whether that be business growth and diversification, bringing a community project/development to fruition or guiding the development of an organisation for enhanced profitability/success.

Services include:

-          Market Research and Analysis including stakeholder consultation, surveys, analytics, audits and industry reviews

-          Strategic Planning including regional economics, feasibility studies and business development

-          Facilitation including board/senior management workshops, project fundraising and stakeholder/community forums

The PSW Implementation Model takes a project, issue or opportunity and applies the most effective tool (or combination of tools) to assist in its implementation.  We develop tailored implementation plans - step by step guides for the successful implementation of a project - and we offer coaching and mentoring services designed to assist in successful project implementation as well as transfer skills and knowledge for future growth and sustainability.

Our coaching service takes people on a journey of reflection (understanding the current reality) and identifying how they want this reality to change.  It's a process of improving performance and assisting an individuals personal growth.

Our mentoring service which allows our clients to take advantage of our 60 + years combined experience in small, bite size chunks offering an effective and affordable option when resources are tight. 


Our coaching and mentoring services have been used as a valuable tool to address the challenges of implementation.

Please contact us if you think we could assist you to attain the results you envisage.


our experience

-          Regional Economic Development Strategies
-          Feasibility Studies
-          Business Cases
-          Business Plans
-          Industry Development Strategies
-          Organisational Reviews
-          Workshop Facilitation
-          Business Diagnostics/ Health Check

-          Coaching
-          Mentoring
-          Implementation assistance

-          Architecture
-          Arts & craft
-          Aviation

-          Community Services
-          Convention and Exhibition Centres
-          Education
-          Equine/ Racing
-          Events
-          Food and Beverage
-          Government
-          Health
-          Horticulture
-          Manufacturing
-          Mining and Energy
-          Marine
-          Publishing
-          Tourism
-          Transport